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sometimes I wonder how beauty can come from a so called vile human. Even the most cynic of man if he chose to listen to classical music,  one day he will learn to believe in humanity.

to my beloved, take time to appreciate life and beauty. ^_^

Performed by the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Eiji Oue,Jupiter (from the Planets) by Gustav Holst is quite possibly the only song that never ceases to get me teary eyed. It was written between 1914-1916, along with the other seven movements. If you don’t listen to anything else, listen from 3:07 to 4:55. This section is also known as Thaxted. Words do not describe how beautifully it’s been performed. You could cry from sadness or happiness… A song in which many feelings are portrayed, it will really take you on a journey. Just close your eyes, shut the lights off, the T.V and just go with the flow. The orchestra will take you on a wonderful journey on Jupiter. <3

Wonderful piano&#8230; Wow&#8230;


If I…

If I could only play in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra I would be so happy.

If I could only conduct a symphony, I would cry from the joys.

If I could only compose my own movie score and perhaps, be the next Hans Zimmer, John Williams or Alan Meeken… I would die with no regrets.

Forever practice


I LOVE IT I am an orchestra geek and proud!!!  


I think this is incredible. Please tell me who to credit for this if you know whose it is.

This is stunning.

This piece is entitled “Air”. It is by composer Johann Sebastian Bach. This was taken from his 3rd Orchestral Suite or Overture Number 3 in D Major written between the years 1717 and 1723. It was the very first Bach piece to be recorded (1902) This is considered one of the most famous pieces of Baroque music. With it, comes a feeling of hope built on a pedestal of sadness. Don’t overlook this piece. In it, lies a much deeper meaning, one in which you must search for. It has the ability to make you feel happiness and sadness.

La musique classique. Amour.

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